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Name:Arian Magnus Alcott
Birthdate:Jul 25
Location:Hoboken, New Jersey, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Arian Magnus Alcott (who is pretty much mostly known as Ari) was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey to two Professors who taught at Ivy League college, Princeton University. Ari's mother taught History and his father, Law and both relatively young in their academic excellence. Although they had been married about a year and a half before Ari was born, the marriage failed within a few months of his birth because Ari's mother wasn't prepared to sacrifice any part of her career and wanted to employ a nanny. Ari's father emphatically objected to having his son raised by staff, so he dropped his hours to part-time and took over sole custody of Ari, which is mother having visitation of him on weekends and some holidays. It was inevitable Ari grew up much closer to his father than his mother, though now he is an adult himself, he has a better relationship with her.

When Ari was in high school, his dad came out to him as bisexual and admitted he had been quietly seeing a man, concerned how his sexuality might be accepted in school, but also by his son, who he absolutely adored. His worries and anxiety were unwarranted when Ari turned around and came out to his dad as gay in the very next breath. It was a massive moment for father and son, and six months later, Ari's dad proposed to his partner. Ari was his Best Man at their wedding in Hawaii the next year.

Ari's dad always ensured he never wanted for anything, his mother 100% contributed to him financially with a 50/50 arrangement on anything to do with Ari's upbringing. Ari was a confident kid, and confident in his own skin. He is absolutely the epitome of a Sassy Gay Bitch, but if you call him stereotypical, he'll call you a cunt. Ari defies the 'stereotype' in many ways, he simply won't suffer fools and you'll know if thinks you're being a dumbfuck. And although Ari loves a good shopping spree, designer label or couture wardrobe, the last thing he wanted to do for a career was fashion.

Instead, Ari was determined to become a Social Worker and he was accepted into one of the best Social Work programs in the United States at Columbia in New York, and was granted early entry due to his exceptional grades (there would probably be something wrong if he didn't ace his grades, considering who his parents were). It was a relief for him, because it meant he was still within driving distance of home. But he was insistent that he didn't want his folks to pay his way through college. He accepted some of the help they offered him, because he knew that was important to them, but he decided to get a job for himself.

His love of fashion worked in his favour, and he had to eat his own words about a career in fashion when he applied for a job as a Personal Assistant to a breakout fashion model. She didn't want anyone 'experienced', just someone she clicked with, and Ari was the one. To this day, she is still one of his closest friends and his 'fag hag'. He looked at it more of a job than a career move, and she fully supported his studies. She was instrumental in him choosing a specialty in Case Management with young people with mental health when her younger brother attempted suicide when she was away at London Fashion Week the first year Ari met her. They had a lot of deep conversations, and it felt like a sign of where he was being lead.

After graduating college, Ari began case management with young people at hospitals around New York. It was at this time, he met a guy and feel deeply in love, very quickly. It was a passionate whirlwind romance that they got caught up in. Not to mention getting caught up in Pride and the fight for equality. It was only about seven months after they started dating that that his boyfriend proposed to him. They got married three months later in the same place his dad did in Hawaii. Although his dad had reservations about the rapid pace of it, he still supported Ari and knew how deeply in love he was.

However, it really was far too fast. Once the wedding was over, and they no longer had that to plan and focus on, and all they had left was the reality of life, work, and little else, the relationship became strained. Ari felt trapped, and ultimately, his husband cheated on him. They divorced, and it got messy. It was why Ari was wholeheartedly ready to take some new steps in his life after the divorce to try to catch his breath again, and reassess what was important to him. He knew his work was, and he knew caring for mentally ill young people was where his heart was.

It was via one of his nursing friends at a inpatient mental health unit, Hunter Alexander that he found out about a potential change in career. Hunter was a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Youth Mental Health, and had been counselling a young kid in his teens on an outpatient basis following a string of extremely near-miss and serious suicide attempts. It just so happened the kid, Justin Campell, was a high profile and well-known celebrity when he hit the big time as a breakout star on Broadway, winning a Tony Award at the tender age of 15. He has also become an Ambassador for the Shades of Violet Foundation, a charity owned by Presley Monroe and set up to help young people with mental illness achieve their dreams.

In the wake of Justin's long-term relapse with Bipolar Disorder and a serious history of trauma from childhood abuse, his parents, Mark Campbell and Gen Hart, felt like it was time to have a more permanent case worker and part-time carer near Justin to help out whilst on his professional schedule. Although on the face of it, he will work in a Personal Assistant capacity to Justin to help him be able to cope with his hectic and often stressful life, he will primarily be Justin's Social Work Case Worker, on hand to, in a nutshell, help Justin cope better with life.

Ari couldn't be happier with the change, and he and Justin got along like a house on fire. He knows it will take time for Justin to adjust to having him in his life, but Ari feels settled in his choice and is looking forward to getting his life back on track after making choices in his romantic life that almost sucked the emotional and happy life out of him when he put too many hopes in it that it was a perfect happily ever after, when all he didn't need another person to be happy and content within himself.

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